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The hotel daily washing machine cleaning tips

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-02

with the increase of people's living standard, the laundry washing requirements also increased, people used to focus on how to clean the stain on clothes, attention is now in the wash clothes at the same time also need to prevent clothes from bacteria and damage to the skin, so people pay more attention to the quality of life. Next to share some tips about hotel washing machine daily cleaning of relevant knowledge, hope to be able to bring you some help.

the fuselage, with a soft cloth and mild detergent, Such as the kitchen with detergent and soap water) Clean the body. Can't directly to the body to drench water; Do not use household cleanser, thinner or alcohol or kerosene cleaning products.

fill valve screen: to prevent splashing water, remove the feed line before, please click the following steps: 1. 2 open the power. Press the' Pause/start' Turn the power off four key 3 minutes. Unscrewed the feed line 5. Take off your screen pack 6 with pliers. With fine brush filter to clean clean 7. Filter and connect feed line installation, check whether the open faucet leaks

drum: 1. Pull out the detergent box of 2. Press the softener cover at the back of the security to pull it out. 3. With both hands thumb as shown in figure small arrow direction appropriate expansion force, thumb up with softener cover at the same time, it will be retrieved from detergent box of 4. Wash water will be traces of detergent. Cloth to clean detergent box on the water. 5. Softener lid down to the original location of detergent box. Confirm on both sides and the back of card claws are in place, and then back into detergent box by inserting way.

Windows and window gasket: after each use to remove all objects of a sealing mat window, wipe the Windows and window seal mat line dust and dirt, timely open the door for ventilation and dry.

hotel inside the washing machine drum: 1 - recommended hotel the washer After 2 months, use special inner cylinder washing machine detergent for hotel hotel a thorough cleaning, laundry equipment and keep cleaning habits; If the hotel washing machine for a long time did not cleaned, suggest to opening cylinder cleaning detergent dose or choose.

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